PETE WRIGHT  1978-1984
It was 1978 when The Lord spoke to the pastor of Evangel Tabernacle (now Evangel World Prayer Center), Brother Wayman Rodgers, to talk with one of the young men who had recently started working as a dishwasher at Evangel’s Bethesda Nursing Home.  The dishwasher, Pete Wright, had just recently been released from Eddyville State Penitntiary where he had met The Lord only a short time before, after spending years filled with drugs, crime and prison.  No one but God knew that this talk was going to lead to a plan that God was about to unfold in reaping a harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God–in a way that only God Almighty could receive glory for.
Before the conversation was over, Brother Pete had agreed to ‘try’ pastoring one of the small neighborhood outreaches of Evangel.  This particular outreach, Churchman Chapel, happened to be in one of Louisville’s least desirable neighborhoods surrounded by a low income housing projects.  Little did Brother Rodgers know that this was the same housing projects Pete was raised in as a boy and young man in trouble, and even now was living only several blocks from the dilapidated, tiny structure used as a gathering place for a church.
So with experience in everything but pastoring, Brother Pete walked into the boarded up shack that began to serve as the beginnings of a quickly growing church that God would use to reach the multitudes.  With walls seemingly collapsing, leaks appearing overnight in the roof, a lack of heat, a lack of an inside restroom, and other ‘non’ important issues, the beginning of Churchman Chapel was under way.
Through a series of events, there was a change in leadership at Churchman Chapel. God so fit, though man may have questioned, the rising up of a young man with a troubled background. 
Mike Duke, with his wife Kathy, were brought up by The Lord to take the helm of Churchman Chapel Ministries.  Mike had previously served many years leading an organization that was anything but Christ-like.  Mike, a former member of the Louisville chapter of the Outlaws motorcycle gang, was awakened in his spirit to the wonders of God.  Mike assumed the role of Pastor of Churchman Chapel, a role he held for 22 years, giving glory to God all the way.
Mike continued the wonderful ministry that God began under Pete, and lived his life with the fullness of the Holy Spirit evident in all that he did.
Once again, through a series of events, God began to change the leadership of Churchman Chapel. 
Through a mutual friend of one of the ministers of Churchman Chapel, Travis spoke one Sunday morning as a guest speaker.  Not knowing that Mike was contemplating retirement, this fill-in pulpit supply by Travis turned out to be the opportunity of a lifetime, as Mike and the board contacted Travis about taking the church over.  After first declining, Travis was again approached about 3-4 months later.  This time, after much prayer, Travis felt confident that the time was right to take a leap of faith and begin the journey of pastoring Churchman Chapel.

Pastor Travis and Carissa Billings have been married since 1994 and have three children as a result of that union—Casel (1996), Trenton (1999), and Lydia (2001). Though they may have grown up going to church from time to time, neither Travis nor Carissa were fully committed to The Lord. They served their time being committed to the world and serving the world instead of God. As a result of this, they realized something needed to change if they were going to save their family and their marriage. They thought they would give this ‘God Thing' a try. They figured that if He was real, that He would help them get right.

As they continued to seek after ‘God' they began to realize that something was changing. ‘God' was beginning to heal them spiritually and personally.

Soon, they began to volunteer as a youth minister in the Louisville Portland area for 3 years at New Hope World Outreach. While there, they began taking classes that would soon lead to Travis becoming a minister at the time with the Assembly of God, and now an ordained minister with Church Growth International of the Americas (CGIA).

In 2004, they answered the call to serve as part-time youth ministers in Elizabethtown KY at Lakeside Worship Center. It was there that they learned a lot about ministry and leadership.

In 2006, they answered the call of God and began pastoring Churchman Chapel.

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