Our Vision:  
Changing lives.  Making disciples.  Existing for a purpose.
Our Mission:  
Preach The Cross To The Lost

This is who we are. Nothing out of the ordinary. We don’t put on a show. This is our community of believers. We feel each opportunity to worship at Churchman Chapel should be the same as the next opportunity. Each worship experience is just as important as the rest. We are a fellowship, a community, of like believers that love The Lord Jesus. We come to celebrate Him each week and expect Him to show up and show out each week. The Bible says that “where two or more come together in my name, then I am with them” (Matt 18:20). We expect prayers to be answered by living a consistent life that is pleasing to Christ. We desire nothing more than to lift Him up and give Him all the praise, glory, and honor that He so rightly deserves. Not for what we want Him to do, but rather for what He has already done and told us that He is going to do according to His Word, the Holy Bible. We are ordinary people living an extraordinary life for God.

Stay Connected

Sunday School  9:30 AM
Sunday Worship 11:00 AM
Monday Men’s Ministry 7:00 PM
Thursday Bible Study 7:00 PM
Thursday Child Church 7:00 PM
Friday Prayer 7:00 PM

Find Us Here!

PO Box 14166
Louisville KY 40214-0166
4048 LaSalle Ave
Louisville KY 40215
1-502-368-6608 (church office)